There is something so wrong with is it you are frree and unleashed on the public??

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There is something so wrong with you, that I will pray, but only once, you are not worth mine, nor Gods breath and are evrything that goes against YEHOVAH and HIs son Jesus Christ! We have read many of your dimented comments, ridiculous and border line retarded articles and have assessed more than enoug to come to the conclusion that you are truly mentally unstable! We are real children of God, and must point out th evils in this world that are false prophets and go against our Dear Almighty Father! Your accusations are as ridiculous as your claims to being the Messiah, HOW DARE YOU, SHAME ON YOU!! Those who are of God ARE LOYAL TO GOD, not buddism, not the mayan prophecy, not TWISTING and CHANGING GODS WORD, that is what an anti-christ does, so guess what you mentally retarded weirdo, and I am no obamabot like you call others or shill or anything but GODS REAL CHILD, we found an anti-christ, BECAUSE THERE ARE MANY MORON, and YOU GEIR (spear of satan, not GOD), are an anti-christ, so how pathetic and filthy are you, well actually your own words prove how filthy, wicked and vile you are! Do you not know when people see your comments or articles, that the first question that comes to mind is aawwweee, this guy is proabably mentally challenged, but then you realize you are just crazy, a wacko, a lunatic that we all know are out there, but can't believe it when we see is it that you are able to be out in public, do you take medication?? or is that really just you, wacko and crazy you?? Undertand clown of satans, some of us are JUST GODS REAL children (born again Christians), and nothing more, but we will not tolerate retards like you to twist Gods WORD, call yourself the messiah, or any other false facts when it comes to the ALMIGHTY FATHER! REPENT lunatic REPENT! REPENT TO TYOUR ONE AND ONLY SALVATION JESUS CHRIST or go straight to hell! you are and have proven that you are as loyal as satan, you have no clue what faith you beleive in and you can't beleive in more than one or you are a liar and unloyal misfit of satans! You seriously need help and should not be allowed to be out in public, I can't imagine that people like you are running around free??????? That is how you know somethig is very worng with this world, when people like you can live free lives???????????????? REPENT anti-christ, REPENT!
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