Obama - The Lottery and 666 - You have GOT TO SEE THIS! What are the CHANCES?

CLEANTV.com CleanTV® is your safe haven for educational and entertaining television programs. https://www.netsoftwaretools.com/clean/redir.php?id=5_1 EXCLUSIVE! Pastor Gallups responds to Keith Olbermann, MSNBC! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n7q-OmvSVjY LISTEN LIVE! Streaming ONLINE "Freedom Fridays" with Carl Gallups 1330 WEBY AM - Northwest Florida's Talk Radio - HOME WEBSITE http://www.hickoryhammockbaptist.org/radio/ EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW OF PASTOR CARL GALLUPS! http://www.hickoryhammockbaptist.org/interview.html http://www.cgm.110mb.com/markmcentire.html This is UNBELIEVABLE! Yet...documented, verified and TRUE! You have got to watch this film and forward it to everyone you know! This will blow you away! Obama, The Lottery and 666. It cannot be debated - the facts are documented...now we simply wait and see. Is he really the antichrist? You will also want to watch these films on youtube 1. Is Obama a Muslim or Arab? 2. Obama the Renegade 3. Is Obama the Antichrist? 4. OBAMA - The ONLY One 5. Obama - A Catalogue of Blasphemies! 6. Revelation is Happening Now! THE MAGIC MAN IN THE SKY: Effectively Defending The Christian Faith - Carl Gallups http://www.carlgallups.com/magicman"

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